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The Embedded
Payments Guidebook:

Turning Payments into a Strategic Asset

Make Embedded Payments Your Competitive Advantage

Payments have undergone a transformation in our increasingly digital world. Digital transactions are projected to increase 65% by 2027. With 9 out of 10 consumers using digital payment methods instead of traditional methods like cash or check, it's imperative to make embedded payments a part of your software's ecosystem. 

In this whitepaper we will cover:

The basics of embedded payments

The value of integrating payments

How to embed payments into your solution

Additional Resources Inside:

Checklist: Evaluating an embedded payments provider

Plan Outline: Developing an embedded payments strategy

Questionnaire: Is becoming a PayFac the right path for my software?

Learn from Fortis, the leader in embedded payments. Our award-winning API set, unique customization, and exceptional customer service embeds payments into your software without disruption.

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